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Pop It

Nov 9, 2021

Patty Ann was a 17-year-old student at South High in 1984. Her two best friends are also named Patty. Patty Dansereau and Patti Weagle L’Ecuyer. Collectively, they were known as “the 3 Patties.” On a cold, rainy Wednesday night in October, Patty Ann called her mom to say she'd be late coming home from her boyfriend's house where she was playing Trivial Pursuit. The next morning, family and police discovered her belongings in an alley near the train tracks and her body in a window well at a factory on Grand Street. Before her passing, Patty’s mother told the Telegram and Gazette, "I still have to believe that somebody saw something that night, or the murderer has told somebody something, and that person or persons aren’t talking. Maybe someday someone will come forward, and that will be the break in this case that we’ve been waiting for...” Thank you to Heather Bish for shining a light on this Worcester cold case.