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Pop It

Mar 27, 2020

Did you know the "Father of Greater New York" actually lived in Worcester? This week, we discuss the salacious tale of his assassination. Our telling is sourced from a variety of archived New York Times articles, Michael Rubbinaccio's gripping text: New York's Father Is Murdered!: The Life and Death of Andrew...

Mar 18, 2020

Consider your take out options, bake cookies, and enjoy some of our pop culture recommendations to get you through the week. 

Susan Orlean: “Life’s Swell”

Sloane Crosley: “The Pony Problem”

Mar 15, 2020

Usually our episodes drop on Wednesdays, but we sense that everyone could use an extra dose of content. Meet Dr. Elizabeth Blake of Clark University. Her research brings together gender studies, food, and early 20th century lit. In this episode, we pay tribute to Bahnan's (we love you Jimmy!), Cait Weaver, and MSG. We...

Mar 4, 2020

Julie Bowditch has become a seasoned expert in the art of fundraising as an Advancement Officer for UMASS Medical School. In this episode of Pop It, she tells us why she got involved at CASA Project and what to expect at the Champions for Children Celebration on March 6. CASA Project recruits, screens and trains...