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Pop It

Mar 6, 2019

We’re on site at City Hall with the 94th President of the Massachusetts Senate, Harriette L. Chandler, in the room where she got her political start as a member of the Worcester School Committee in 1991. Chandler went on to become the second woman in Massachusetts history to serve as Majority Leader and also as Senate President. At age 81, she has never lost an election. We discuss the ROE Act as well as her transition from SP, which she says was not at all like Joan Vennochi described it in the Boston Globe last year when she wrote, “Men might have settled this with a heart-to-heart stroll around the Hooker statue. Instead, Chandler and Spilka are fighting over the timing of a baton pass like bargain-hunters battling over a markdown at Filene’s Basement.” Yuck. We also talk Oscars. Photos by Unity Mike.