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Pop It

Dec 28, 2018

This week's episode contains a lot of excellent music:

:00-:10 Okay - Submarine Machine

8:44-9:15 Promise Land - Submarine Machine

9:30-10:00 Every Seed Must Die - The Promise is Hope

25:25-26:45 Grateful - The Promise is Hope

36:55-37:55 Springtime - Ben Grigorov

38:05-39:40 Home - The Promise is Hope

54:20-54:30 Okay - Submarine Machine

We are joined by independent artists Ashley and Eric L’Esperance of The Promise is Hope and Ben Grigorov of Submarine Machine. We’re talking about what it’s like to launch a musical career in the digital age while maintaining your authenticity. What is so special about TIDAL anyways? Do you prefer vinyl? Are you all about the Macarena or the Big Mac?